Intelligent contact tracing system.

Preventiv uses Bluetooth LE to keep you safe when social distancing is not possible. Receive instant alerts when you are exposed to COVID-19. Download the Android or the iOS app below.

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About Preventiv

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Privacy Focused

Preventiv protects your privacy and does not collect any personally identifiable data.

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Receive an alert if a past connections in the last 14 days becomes COVID-19 postive or is feeling symptoms.

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Greater Good

Reduce the spread of COVID-19 when social distancing is not possible and save lives in your community.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Continuously scans in the background for nearby infected users when outside. Let's you know how many infected individuals you’ve been in contact with accidentally.

Once you install the app, it runs in the phone’s background. When you go outside for essentials or for an emergency and come in contact with an infected individual or an asymptomatic person, your phone gives you an alert so that you can take preventative measures like self-isolation before any symptoms appear.


Nearby Regions Heatmap

Identify nearby areas with high infection rates. Establish red and green zones to limit traveling into those regions.

Preventiv values the user's privacy. When a user inputs as infected, their geolocation is collected only to create a heatmap so that their community can stay safe.



Receive instant alerts when previous connections within the last 14 days become positive. Stay safe by taking preventative measures like isolating yourself and calling for medical help if you start to feel unwell.

Even when your phone is switched off, Preventiv works hard on the background to keep you safe and updates you with real-time notifications.


Version 2 Coming Soon

We are continuously gathering feedback from our users to improve the performance, safety and accuracy of Preventiv.

If you are interested in using Preventiv for your organization, company, or institution then please reach out to us and we would love to work with you. Together, we can keep our communities safe and save lives around the world!


About Us

We are two 19-year old college students who are passionate about making a difference in the world through technology. We love coming up with solutions for real-world problems using technology.

Our goal with Preventiv is to help people identify, alert, and prevent the spread of the virus when social distancing is not possible and ultimately, save lives around the world.


Sai Gurrapu

Computer Science, Virginia Tech

Qasim Wani

Computer Engineering, Virginia Tech